ERL: Wayne Van Voorhies

ERL – Wayne Van Voorhies

Wayne Van VoorhiesRole

Dr. Van Voorhies’ role is studying metabolic functions in algae.  To provide a global assay of the metabolic flux in algal, CO2/O2 flux, electron flux, growth rates, and energy content will be measured in cultures of algae grown under a variety of environmental conditions.  The effects of variables such as different nutrient regimes, photo-period, temperatures and salinities will be studied.  This information will provide the foundation from which to select environmental conditions and strains to maximize algal growth.


Measuring metabolic rates and gas exchange in a variety of organisms including algae.  Design and development of metabolic assay systems and chemostats for growing algae.


High resolution gas analyzers including LiCor 6251 and 6262 CO2 analyzers and fuel-cell and paramagnetic oxygen analyzers, mass-flow meters, PAM fluorometer, PAR sensor, flow cytometer, and environmental chambers.